Monday, August 31, 2009

Facebook Fan Page is up and running!

I never thought I was going to get the darn thing to work for me! I have played with this fan page for weeks now off and on. I have pulled clumps of my hair out, banged my head against the wall, and generally questioned my sanity trying to make it work for me!
I finally figured out how to get the fan page working and then came the next hurdle! Putting my Etsy mini onto the page!
I don't think FaceBook could have made it more difficult!
I finally succeeded in getting the mini onto my fan page! What a relief! I can now sit back and wait for all those bald spots to fill back in!
I hope that you'll have more luck then me with facebook!
Good Luck!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Listed

Some of my newest listings!
(click on the picture to see the full description)
This is a fabulous focal piece.
It has a great plum color with blue accents
This is a piece is so beautiful! The face is so intriging.

One of my favorite colors, turquoise!

A must have for a holiday earring collection!
These are so adorable, I can't wait to wear them!

Thanks so much for taking the time to look!

Home Again!

I'm home again after participating had in Trails West located in St Joe, MO. I won 1st place in crafts! I am so happy! What perfect weather this last weekend. I just couldn't believe it was August. It was in the low 70's and breezy. I even had to wear a jacket!

My mom is doing great! She had a kidney stone that broke up and was easily passed so all is well, again.

I am off to York, PA for this coming weekend. I know, what was I thinking when I was scheduling this year? Your guess is as good as mine! lol

Hope everyone is doing well. Be blessed!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Trade-A-Holics Etsy Team

Hi everyone!

I just spent last evening learning about trading on Etsy! There was a Trade Frenzy that I went to check out and was hooked. I started looking thru all the shops listed and started to think about Christmas, and thought "What a great idea!"

So off I went and I made 3 trades! What a great way to share my product and get it out to people. I also got 3 Christmas or Birthday (the dreaded birthdays at Christmas time!) presents for both of my daughters!

I traded with for bottle cap jewelry, for fused glass pendants, and for earrings.

I also joined the TradeAHolics Etsy Team. If you are interested in maybe getting your name out there and meeting some other great Etsians, you might want to consider joining. This is a blog that will give you information about the team.

Hope to see all of you on the trading list!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am traveling right now to do art shows and just wanted to tell about my fun week. I did an art show last weekend in Michigan City and my family came up and we went to the Blue Chip Casino in the evening. I had a great time on Saturday night and left with an extra $40! Sunday after the show I went back and lost all my winnings. BOO! I just didn't know when to stop.

I'm traveling with my mom and we are now in St. Joe, MO. Since we've gotten here my mom has been to the ER 2 times. Once for a UTI and yesterday for a kidney stone. Didn't expect to spend hours in the ER waiting room but what can you do. I am now off to set up the next art show so I hope the weekend will turn out great after such a crappy week!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brand New Blog Layout!

I just found this fabulous site that helps to change the layout of your blog. I have always wanted to use all that dead space on either side of the page and could never figure out how. Now I have! It also has some other great infomation regarding blogs. It is Hope this helps you like it helped me!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi everyone,

I just got back from a working vacation, and I had a lovely time. My kids and I went to Minneapolis, MN for the Loring Park Art Festival and decided to spend a few extra days at The Mall Of America.
If you are a shopper like me, this is the place to be! What a fun few days! The mall is one of the largest in the US and has 4 floors. 3 of those floors are shopping and restaurants, while the 4th has a movie theatre and more restaurants. The mall has an amusement park in the center, an underground aquarium, and a miniature golf course. Fun for the kids as well as the adults!

The first day was the day to look around and shop. We went to stores like Best Buy, Marshalls, Barnes and Nobles, and a bead store that are not your typical fare for indoor malls. We found all of our back to school clothes all in one place, and all on sale, too!

The food is plentiful and varied. It has 2 full food courts along with a multitude of restaurants. Some of them are Rainforest Cafe, Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co., Famous Dave's BBQ, and Ruby Tuedays to name just a few. We enjoyed going more casual with Long John Silvers, ourselves.

The second day was the fun day, and the kids loved it! We bought all you could ride wrist bands and rode rides for the whole day. The park is amazing when you think that it is indoors and has a 4 story limit. It has 3 roller coasters, bumper cars, the log ride, swings, and so many more. It was fun for young and old. And the best thing was the lines weren't all that long! I think the longest that we waited was 10 minutes! The park stayed open til 10pm so we had plenty of time to do all we wanted.

This was the funnest mall that we have ever been to! Even my 16 year old son enjoyed going and had no lack of good things to say!
If you are ever in the Minnesota area I highly recommend taking a trip to The Mall Of America!