Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mother Knows Best

I know it has been awhile since my last post and I really have no excuses to offer except I'm just lazy sometimes.  I have the best of intentions but they don't always come to be.  LOL  Sometimes I have to wonder how the heck do I ever get enough jewelry made to sell!   All my life I never had much "stick to it", until I found books in the eighth grade.  Then I never went anywhere without one in my hand (even the bathroom!)  It was like an extension of my arm.  Since then I have read 1000's of books and still am very passionate about reading today.  I would read all the time even now if I could.   

In my late twenties I did find that I enjoyed making jewelry and that I could "stick with it".  That is how I ended up where I am today, a fulltime artist.  I, unfortunately have some very bad habits that need to be broken!  One of them is that when I'm not selling I do not like to create.  Another being if it doesn't take off in a short time I don't pursue it.  Again, no stick to it! 

I have the best role model in my life and that is my mother.  My mother does know best.  She is an artist and she is a working and creating machine.  From the time she gets up til the time she goes to bed she is working and producing.  I need to take a lesson!    It isn't the amount of work that is really what needs to be learned but the passion that she puts into each and everything she works on.  I have said to her that I am so lazy next to her, because I am not creating when I know I should be,etc.  But she tells me that it isn't that she is so driven to work but that she LOVES what she does.  It is who she is, an artist. 

I am becoming an artist.  It is not always an instant manifestation, but for me it is a gradual awakening.  I am now developing into the artist that I want to be.  I know that I will never be as driven as my mother is, as that is just not me, but I know that as I grow older the desire is developing more and I will be who I am ment to be.