Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Make A Banner Using Power Point

You can see the banners I just designed at - http://www.firedupladies.etsy.com/ http://www.artrageousclay.etsy.com/   http://www.ejeanbogerfinearts.etsy.com/

I just saw that you could make a banner in Power Point. As I have never used power point before I searched through out the forum threads and took from several posts, so thought I would combine all my steps into one place.

1. Go to Design tab. Click on page setup (located in left hand corner).

2. Enter Width as 27 inches and Height as 3.55 inches. Press ok.

3. Right click (outside of text boxes). Choose format background. I chose to use solid fill. But if you go to picture you can load any type of background you have. Hint - If you go to the paint program under accessories, (and have a scanner) you can scan any type of scrapbook paper and save in jpeg. This works well as a great background which you can retrieve by choosing picture.

4. Go to the Insert Tab. Chose picture to put in your pictures. Download picture(s) and move to desired place.

5. Go to Home Tab. Click on text box. I typed my shop name, font size, and the went to font type. Your font will change to each one of the different fonts you highlight, so you can preview them. I then changed

the color of the font. Hint - I used font size 150 (by typing in the size) and used bold, even though I thought it was a little blurry. Once I uploaded the banner I found I needed it bold to show up (and it wasn't blurry).

6. I then added the tag line by clicking on the second text box. I changed the font type, font size (70), and the color.

7. Once satisfied, I saved the finished banner in PNG. You can also save in JPEG. Hint - I found that when I saved, it asked if I wanted to export the slide so I clicked every slide. This is the only way that I could get it to save right.

I then downloaded to Etsy and voila! My new banner. I hope that this helps!

If you have any other hints to add, I would appreciate it!

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