Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm working on getting ready to leave and setup an artshow. I'm going to be in Brooksville this weekend. The weather is supposed to cooperate! Nice and sunny with no rain (and not TOO hot). It's in a nice park around a pond so there is shade! ptl So thats a good thing.

I've not made a sale on Etsy for 21 days!:( I'm not sure what's going on! I know that I've only been on since the first of April, but I was hoping for a little more response. I did have a sale in 2 days (Thank You, Shanon!). Once she received the piece she came back and bought 7 more pieces! But from then on I haven't done anything! I just feel like I'm sitting here and not getting much response. I guess I just keep pressing on and don't give up! Just keep listing new items and the will come. Remember the Kevin Costner movie "Field of Dreams" about the baseball diamond "create it and they will come"? I think that is my new modo "List it and they will come!" Thanks for reading, just needed a minute to vent! lol

I did have some exciting news just recently! I'm to be featured on a blog! It will be on Monday May 4! The blog is about etsyprofiles. They have also linked one of my pieces as an etsy fav. So that is good. Here's the link ifyou would like to check it out.
Well have to go for now.

Have a fabulous weekend!



fyi - this spacing thing is driving me batty! Sometimes my paragraphs show and othertimes they don't! If anyone can help PLEASE let me know! I'm pulling my hair out!

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