Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Listing on Etsy!
This is a necklace that should be in your collection! I hand craft each piece out of a high fire paper clay. The paper clay makes the bead light and sturdy. (Not nearly as heavy as you think!) Not a lot of breakage with this ceramic piece! All of my Portrait Bead Series are one of a kind beads. I will not make another like it. So you won't meet your self walking down the street.The piece is a heart that is 2 1/4 inches (5.715 centimeter)in height and 1 7/8 inches (4.762 5 centimeter) in width.It is purple and cream in color with blue accents.The heart is 2 sided, one with a smooth finish and the other with a great pattern. It is on a waxed cotton cord that is 19 inches (48.26 centimeter)in length. It is made with 2 8mm Swarovski Crystals and finished with a lobster claw clasp.

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