Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Morning! I'm having some wifi issues this morning, what a pain in my rear end!

I've just started in the Etsy chat rooms (last 2 days) and am really enjoying it. Thanks to all of you who are so nice and friendly. You really make me feel welcome! The only problem I have with it is that it is ADDICTING and I've gotten no work done!

I am in a new treasury. Thanks so much to Vaisto for including my "little angel"! You can find her wonder clothing and accesories at . Come take a look at the treasury, here's the link >

I'm finding a lot of great tips in the forums. Here is one that I found yesterday.
100 Free Business Cards (shiping is free too!) from MarketSplash. It is a HP company. AND the best part is you can create your own card with your logo on it for FREE, too! Here's the link >
Thank you for the great info my fellow Etsians!

Well I am off for now, have to make myself work a little! lol


fyi - this spacing thing is driving me batty! Sometimes my paragraphs show and othertimes they don't! If anyone can help PLEASE let me know! I'm pulling my hair out!

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