Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursdays Thoughts

My Thursday Thoughts:
I have been thinking today (I know that can be dangerous! lol) about being frustrated.
I know that I was greatly blessed with a sale right after I stared my shop. And she loved my bead so much she bought more. The problem is, Nobody else has really seemed all that interested.
My question to myself has been, is it worth all the time that I have been spending? Should I keep going? Does anyone really want what I make here on Etsy?
It has been a very introspective day!
My answer to myself has been - Don't give up. Keep pressing on and all the time and effort that I am putting in will pay off. Surely there are people out there who will buy what I am creating!
Sometimes I have to give myself a pep talk! How about you?
I did have 2 wonderful compliments! I was included in 2 treasuries!
Well that is all for now. Have a great night!

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